Dakota Pederson

Composer, Conductor, Musician


Dakota Pederson was born on September 10th, 1999. Dakota started composing Concert Band works for his middle school band at the end of 8th grade, where he had his 1st world premier. He would then go to to have two more world premiers. One with the NWI Youth Symphony Orchestra, and another one with his high school band. Dakota currently studies Music Education and Composition at Indiana State University.

Dakota was the recipient of the 2017 MakeMusic Young Composers Competition Grand Prize with his work, Spring Dances. Dakota was a Finalist in the TI:ME Competition Contest, and the finalist in the MakeMusic 2018 Young Composers Contest. He was also the recipient of the John Philip Sousa Award (2018). Dakota's work is currently published and sold by Grand Mesa Music and J.W. Pepper.